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05 Apr 2019

Goodbye Antarctica:

The rays of the morning sun saluted us as we departed Palmer Station. Already, I reminisced about my time at Palmer and how much I will miss it. For many of you who followed my blog regularly you understand the connectedness I have with this place. It was hard to leave because I am not sure if I will be back, but I certainly hope so. However, it may also be hard to leave even if you know you will be back!

Sunrays over Palmer Station

I wrote this blog so that anyone could experience this place, to care about the research at Palmer Station and all the hard-working people there (grantees and contractors!), and to be amazed by the sweeping vistas - that there are such wild, relatively untouched places on this beautiful planet. Perhaps I even inspired you to visit this untamed land of ice and snow.

Land of ice and snow

Cormorants and mount William

There were challenges in my research, and we overcame each of them. Thank you, Kelly for taking this journey with me and contributing to the success of this study.

Thank you, National Science Foundation for funding my research.

And thank you all for following my exciting journey!

Natasja on the Marr Ice Piedmont glacier

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